Know the importance of having a good Digital Marketing Plan and how to grow your business

The digital age brought with it new forms and ways of doing Marketing. Until a while ago, commercial and advertising strategies were only limited to the sale of the product, but today the challenge is focused on selling emotions, creating needs and generating a bond with the brand.

The factors that affect the development of good marketing are multiple, ranging from design, creativity, impact and budget, among other aspects. However, the difficulties of time, investment and equipment, influence on certain occasions, relegating the marketing work to the background. This, because entrepreneurs focus on management, in most cases. What few know is that only through digital marketing is it possible to attract our target to go through the purchase funnel and become our customers.

Why is it important to have a good Digital Marketing plan in advertising?

According to Mauro Anaya R. Product Manager in App Superdigital from Banco Santander, who is by profession an Publicist specializing in strategies and digital creativity, before answering this question, it is necessary to explain what a good digital marketing plan means, which according to it has four fundamental pillars:

The first has to do with segmentation. "A good digital marketing plan has to define the target group with which you want to connect, because today social networks or digital channels are so massive and transversal, that is, almost anyone who has a certain purchasing power has access to Internet to a cell phone and to social networks, we cannot shoot everyone the message but we have to segment it ”, maintains Mauro.

Segmentation, as he explains, has to do with identifying well “to whom I want to communicate what I want to communicate, and I mean segmenting in age, sex, interests, behavior, and hopefully finding niches. For example, we want to deliver this product to people who are vegan, with delicate skin, who are of a certain political position, etc. The idea is to be as specific as possible, I want to make my advertising aimed at women between 20 and 30 years old, who like to run and who are fans of chocolate and who live in Concepción and like Reggae music, that is to say that it is that is specific and that can be done with digital tools ”.

The second pillar is the differentiation, for which we must create a message and an offer that is really different and that stands out from the rest, says Mauro, because we live in a world in which every day we receive multiple advertising stimuli, where there is so much product offer and almost all equal. “It is super important to find a differentiating factor to be able to attract the user's attention. Think that if we are scrolling all day on our cell phone, on Instagram, we have to ask ourselves the question of what are we going to say, how are we going to say it and how are we going to show it, what are we going to offer for that person to stop from that Scroll and give you 5, 10 or 15 seconds and ideally a couple of minutes of their attention to that message and for that you have to be different ", he adds,

The third pillar, says Mauro, is the constancy and consistency. "HOh, we have to position ourselves with what we want to offer and for that we have to be constant, that is, day by day, week by week and month by month, repeating what we want to say. Maybe in different ways, but be constant ”, he says. It also details that there are strategies that consider publishing every day, there are others that consider publishing three times a day. "You have to think in the long term, not in the short term, and you have to be consistent, that is, everything we say in that constancy has to connect one thing with the other."

The fourth pillar has to do with being clear about the Key Performance Indicator (KPI's). As the professional explains, these “are the key performance indicators. "That is, how are we going to measure the success of what we are doing, then we must have super clear KPIs. For example, we are going to measure a strategy by the number of visits generated by the website or we are going to measure it by the number of forms that are entered thanks to the campaign. We are going to measure it through the number of people who go to the premises after registering, by the number of mail openings of the message that we send to those who left us their mail, etc. It is super important to define the KPIs to measure the success of our campaign. The first thing is to understand all that in order to make a good digital marketing plan ”, he emphasizes.

Having all this established, Mauro says that for two reasons it is important to have a good Digital Marketing plan: first, because the consumption of digital media surpassed the consumption of traditional media many years ago, so you have to be where people are and where they are. Secondly, with the pandemic there was an acceleration in everything that is digital consumption, since many things that we did in an analogous way today we do it digitally, from enjoying a concert, entertainment and shopping. "There are people who did not buy online before and today they do, there is a segment of adults from 50 to 60 years old that today is buying digitally," he adds.

In fact, Internet consumption has skyrocketed in Chile, with currently 3.6 million fixed Internet accesses, an annual growth of 5.5%, and 32.8% of these are through fiber optic technology, as revealed by the latest statistical series of the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications (Subtel) during the first half of 2020.

According to Mauro, it is very important to have a digital marketing plan with the aforementioned pillars, because today people are much more connected to the Internet and we also have to make a good digital marketing plan with those four pillars, so that our money or it that we are going to invest in this, give it up. “Whether I am an entrepreneur and I have to take care of the investment in advertising or if I am the person who is advising a company, or I am an agency that is providing service to a company, I have to make the money of my client ”, he points out.

Advertising, Digital Marketing and challenge in pandemic

The arrival of the Pandemic opened a new challenge for commerce in the digital age. In this scenario, businesses face a double challenge: responding to customer wishes and creating strategies that allow them to make a difference, without neglecting their consumers and attracting potential buyers.

Likewise, digital marketing is a tool that must be aligned with the goals and processes, to ensure an adequate experience from the moment customers visit the pages, make their purchase and receive the service or product. Marketing allows us to listen and attend to the needs of customers, giving us key information for a successful sale.

As explained by the director of Development and Technology in Sabotage Digital Agency, Elijah Manríquez, Digital Marketing in the industry of the XXI century, generates that Internet businesses continue to grow exponentially, and even more during the pandemic. "Today traditional Marketing, which uses the delivery of flyers or advertising directly on public roads, has been declining and with that sales also disappear, or in this case, broadcasts," he adds.

How does having a good Marketing strategy impact the sale of a product or service?

Elías comments that Digital Marketing today is extremely important for company sales, whether for e-commerce products, for services, or for small and large entrepreneurs. “SMEs today are doing a lot of publicity, and on Instagram or Facebook they have had a great digital sales channel. In addition, companies position their brand on the Internet, which will be recognized by customers in the future, generating cross-sales ”, he says.

The above, says Elías, has achieved that Digital Marketing, in this last year due to the pandemic, has greatly expanded the market, opening up to different types of audiences.

"In Agency SabotageWe have our own clients, generating targeted digital marketing services, for example, in clinics or for our own agencies. In the case of the clinic, we make an impact directly with a product and a service that they have, which has caused an increase in their leads, through positioning on Google and on social networks ”, he says.

In this sense, he explains that sales leads have increased a hundred per month, with a conversion of more from 10% to 20%, which means a great impact on the return on investment in terms of digital advertising.

Other considerable aspects in digital advertising have to do with cost and the fact that it is also measurable in the short term. "For example, to do a good digital sales Marketing you have to make a monthly investment, which we determine according to the client, according to their service and / or product, according to their competition and, according to that, we give them a dissemination plan, with that we calculate the rate of return and how many leads we could have on a monthly basis ”, he adds.

This, as detailed by Manríquez, compared to traditional marketing is much better in terms of costs and, in addition, a daily impact is obtained. "We can measure on a daily basis, we can modify the campaigns as we want on a daily basis and we are reaching more clients, through social networks," he adds.

As we have seen so far, Digital Marketing is currently a fundamental tool in any business and that anyone who wants to grow in the world of sales should consider.

One of the also relevant aspects is investment in digital marketing, which has been growing continuously in recent years, as long as they can be obtain concrete benefits.

The digital marketing industry in Chile is no exception. According to data published by IAB Chile (Interactive Advertising Bureau), investment in online advertising in Chile has grown on average more than 20% per year during the last 5 years.

According to this study, the amount reached $199,438 million in 2018, which represents a growth of more than $40,000 million since 2017, and the trend continued in the same direction in 2019.

According the IDS Agency, within Latin America, Chile is positioned as an important investment market in digital matters, staying in fifth place after much larger markets like Brazil and Mexico. Likewise, the study indicates that the figures confirm the importance of the digital world as a priority alternative in advertising investment in Chile and Latin America.

Jimena Herrera Montenegro
Journalist Universidad Católica del Norte
Middle director digital North 360 °.