Today having a mobile app for your company is vital, here we show you why

Applications for mobile devices are essential for people today. Modern life requires solving everyday situations from immediacy. This is where applications become most necessary. If to the above, we add that the market creates needs in its customers, and then offer an application that solves said need, then the business does not stop growing.

New and interesting mobile applications appear every day, for almost everything. Currently, this issue is so categorical that today an SME without an app is further away from its client and, therefore, out of the market. Today having a mobile app for your company is vital. Read in this article why it is so important and what are its benefits,

According to Jorge Cabezas, a Commercial Engineer, who works in the sales and telecommunications area, today the need for goods and services has no time or place. "Added to this, the little time to make purchases or quote during business hours, is that it is necessary for companies that provide or sell goods and / or services to be available 24/7 to meet the needs of customers, especially considering that a large part of current customers have knowledge and management of computers, social networks and apps, speeding up and allowing a transaction to be carried out from anywhere ".

He also says that what also generates a plus for the customer is having the app of his favorite store or local, which gives him more personalized attention and personal information from his account. “An example of this are the telephone companies that offer TV, being able to watch TV on your cell phone through an app, add or subtract TV channels. Another example are the commercial houses that offer you better discounts just for buying through the app. Let's remember that today even food or going to the supermarket was replaced by an app. Today not having an app leaves you at a disadvantage in the market ”, he assures.

Finally, he explains that more than marketing, it is the sales and post-sales area that are adding to the forefront of those of us who use apps the most. "Marketing promotes and buys them, but sales is the area that every day takes the juice and we see how the customer values the use of the app," he says.

Uses and more benefits of apps

According to El Mostrador newspaper published, and according to a study by "Global Digital Future 2018", people use two thirds of their time on smartphones and only one third on PC or Tablet. They also point out that the time they spend on their mobile, more than 80% is spent on applications.

If we think that the vast majority of day-to-day tasks are carried out using a smartphone, from ordering food at home to buying plane tickets, then it is every day that it is more essential to have the benefits that technology offers. In fact, according to a study by Forrester Research, users only use 5 non-native apps on their phones. Meanwhile, on average, they use between 26 to 27 different apps during the month. This data is revealing to design better applications and also confirms that it is necessary for companies to have them.

According to the ProChile Report “Market study of mobile applications services in the German market”, the applications industry for mobile devices is in constant transformation, due to the speed with which updates are generated and added, both programming , form or content. Likewise, it is considered one of the industries with the best projection, after the rise of mobile telephony, together with innovation and delivery of specific solutions for users.

For all the above, we can say that the main benefit of your company or SME having apps for its clients is that will differentiate itself from the competition, since in this way its users will have the possibility of interacting with the company in a way that would not be possible through other channels.

Sabotage Agency: pioneers in mobile apps

Sabotaje Agencia was born in 2020, after the acquisition of Osiris and other digital services companies, it is the first Agency in Chile that leads the development of Mobile App in South America. “We have carried out projects for small and large companies, as nationally and internationally, with a young and talented team, made up of professionals from various areas of design, computing, education and marketing. We currently offer mobile apps for Google, Apple and Huawei. We create native solutions for the 3 largest ecosystems in the world ”, explains Elías Manríquez, in charge of the Sabotage Development & Technology area.

The solutions currently offered by Sabotage Agency are Front-End in Mobile Interface Design (UI Design), User Experience Design (UX Design), App Development from scratch in native form, SDK Integrations required, JWT Security System, Back -Secure and scalable end, Deployment of the solution on servers, App publication in Google, Apple and Huawei portals, Project Consulting and Software engineering manuals.

What's more, Sabotage Agency, migrated and created exclusive applications for Huawei's HMS ecosystem.

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