Innovative Solutions for Companies

Software & Web Portals

We create Web Applications in Back-end and Front-end with last generation technologies with high standards of security and data encryption.

Web Apps are 100% applications on the Web, safe and fast, available from anywhere in the world.

SaaS software or online software is a software distribution model where the IT service provider provides the necessary resources for a specific service, through payment for use.

The service is hosted on the provider's servers, with maximum security, making periodic copies and updates.

An online software offers the company an improvement in work efficiency thanks to the automation of processes, increasing productivity.

The data is centralized and can be accessed with freedom of schedules and movements.

  • Front-End in Desktop and mobile interface design (UI Design).
  • User experience design (UX Design).
  • App development from scratch.
  • JWT Security System.
  • Secure and scalable back-end.
  • Deployment of the solution on your servers
  • Consulting on Software Engineering Project and Manuals.


Know the importance of having a good Digital Marketing Plan and how to grow your business

The digital age brought with it new forms and ways of doing Marketing. Until a while ago, commercial and advertising strategies were only limited to the sale of the product, but today the challenge is focused on selling emotions, creating needs and generating a bond with the brand.
The factors that affect the development of good marketing are multiple, ranging from design, creativity, impact and budget, among other aspects. However, the difficulties of time, investment and equipment, influence on certain occasions, relegating the marketing work to the background. This, because entrepreneurs focus on management, in most cases. What few know is that only through digital marketing is it possible to attract our target to go through the purchase funnel and become our customers.