Innovative Solutions for Companies

Focus Labs

We are a Digital Solutions and Technology Consulting company, with work throughout Chile and South America.

FOCUS LABS was born in 2017, after the acquisition of Osiris and other digital services companies, it is the first Agency in Chile that leads the development of Mobile App in South America. We have carried out projects for small and large companies, as nationally and internationally, with a young and talented team, made up of professionals from various areas of design, computing, education and marketing.



We understand your business

  • Analysis of data and behaviors of your business.
  • Qualitative and quantitative research of your clients
  • Heuristic evaluation of your product
  • Performance analysis and architecture of your software.
  • Pillars of communication and content.

We Co-Create Product

We promote and include the creative thinking of your clients, users and stakeholders, allowing them to generate innovative ideas aligned to their needs and requirements when designing, developing or implementing continuous improvements to your product.


Scrum allows us to maximize the value of your business and promote the flexible and evolutionary development of your products.

Design Sprint allows us to design solutions focused and based on the needs and pain of your users in 5 days.

Architecture and Development

Our implementations and developments are based on the vision of where you want to take your business and on the needs of your customers. Our system integrations and process analysis will help you much more than just increase your sales.

We are a strategic ally for your company

We will be more of a supplier but a friend and one more of your company, where we work committed to help create your projects and dreams.