Innovative Solutions for Companies

Creation of Videogames and digital experiences.

We design interactive games in 2D, 2.5D and 3D with IDE Unity.
  • Visual art
  • Music Video Game
  • Front-End in Interface Design (UI Design).
  • User experience design (UX Design).
  • App development from scratch in native form.
  • SDK integrations required for your solution.
  • JWT Security System.
  • Secure and scalable back-end.
  • Deployment of the solution on your servers.
  • App publication on Google, Apple and Huawei portals or others.
  • Consulting on Software Engineering Project and Manuals.



MonkeyTEA is a game designed for children from 3 years onwards and was created by Focus Labs in Chile in order to stimulate learning and communication at an early age. This application also stands out for its inclusive focus on children with the autism spectrum. The video game offers a catalog with 300 experiences, with which the […]

GameJam Online

Sabotage agency participated as rapporteurs and jury of innovative projects in Video Game in GameJam Online 2020.