Promotional Videos for Instagram: how do they impact your customers?

It is not enough just to generate that old advertising, which was super invasive and that said: buy me!, But to know and see what really interests my audience, so that a relationship with the brand is formed.

Currently, audiovisual content is essential for a company seeking to position its brand. Having a well-focused strategy will allow a business to differentiate itself from the competition, as it will capture the attention of its target audience.

Mauro Anaya, Product Manager at Banco Santander's Superdigital App and Advertiser specializing in strategies and digital creativity, explains that promotional videos are a fundamental pillar for two aspects: first, because the algorithm of social networks greatly rewards the generation of videos . “Let's remember that we have stories, Instagram TV, reels, lives and all of those are audiovisual formats. So, by making content in that format, the platform is going to 'reward' you, so to speak, in showing more people that content compared to uploading a photograph or a text ”. Regarding the second point, the video is essential because it is the closest to showing reality.

“The most effective way to sell you something is by showing it to you, I hope you would touch it, feel it, try it on, wear it a little. So, if we can't achieve that, video is the step before that and it's the best way to show a product, to test it, to show its capabilities. That people almost feel that they have it in their hands. That is why it is very important to make promotional videos, obviously you have to find the right way, that is another issue, but the video format is key ”, Mauro details.

From 2019 onwards, more than 90% of the content that is consumed through social networks is audiovisual, therefore, having a good strategy that includes videos that are attractive, that are interesting for the audience, will have a very positive impact.

This is what Giannina Araus, journalist, specialist in advertising, marketing and social media assures this, who also maintains that today audiovisual content, be it videos, animations and all this content that has audio and image is extremely important. “Now, not everything is video. I have worked with agencies that do not have the resources to hire a professional to make videos and only work with static graphics. So it will depend a lot on the strategy to reach the target audience ”.

The professional, who is also the director of Agencia Digital, explains that what is important, more than the type of content, is what we are going to show. Know who my potential clients are, what they want, what they are looking for, what interests them. "It is not enough only to generate that old advertising that was super invasive and that said: buy me !, but to know and see what really interests them so that a relationship with me as a brand is formed", it states.

Likewise, it points out that “today, more than 40% of users, before making a purchase decision, are not guided by a video, they are guided by opinions of other users and not necessarily influencers, but ordinary people, like them who have already had the experience of buying with this particular brand ”.

Giannina, who is also a journalist at the Antofagasta Region Scientific Technological Center (CICITEM), explains that videos on Instagram are essential, especially now that reels have been implemented, which are capturing the largest amount of content. “Instagram broke it with the stories, even surpassing Snapchat, which was the one who created them initially. So now, with reels, which are like TikTok videos, the format of the content that is currently being consumed is being captured on the same platform ”.

Now, according to the professional “if I upload videos that say: buy me, buy me, buy me, I will probably not have the same results as if I upload videos that are of interest to my audience. For this reason, more than the content format, the first thing you have to do is get to know your audience to be able to define what I am going to publish, to be able to be attractive to them ”.

It also says that if a company is just starting out and does not have the resources to hire an audiovisual professional to generate content in this format, with the cell phone you can record videos, edit, put effects and do many things. "But, what is important and where I consider that, if you need to invest, is in a professional who at least advises on Marketing, to be able to propose what is the best strategy for your social networks, for your digital ecosystem, not only the social media. So, there I will be able to find out who my audience is, what they are looking for and what type of content I can offer them through this variety of formats that exist today, ”he says.

According to Diego Fornazarri, audiovisual producer at Sabotage Agency, the first few seconds of a video are key to holding your attention. New forms of media consumption have modified the structure of videos: users want to anticipate the climax. This is how we tell stories on new platforms.

The professional explains that on Instagram it is increasingly common for users to browse stories, instead of the newsfeed. Also, the audience on this network is younger and the content should be as visual as possible.

This agency offers this service with videos on all platforms, 2D or 3D audiovisual digital animation for use on digital platforms. All projects are guided by Fornazarri with more than 5 years of experience, graduated from Uniacc University as producer and audiovisualist. The professional explains that you can condense the messages or the story of a brand, respond to the needs of format, videos for all channels.

It should be noted that Sabotaje Agencia, was born in 2020, after the acquisition of Osiris and other digital services companies and is the first Agency in Chile that leads the development of Mobile App in South America. They have led projects for small and large companies, both nationally and internationally, with a team made up of professionals from various areas of design, computing, education and marketing.

Jimena Herrera Montenegro

Journalist Universidad Católica del Norte

North 360 ° digital media director.